What We Do

The People

π guitars are built by volunteers who attend the Nailsworth Community Workshop in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

An increasing number of people struggle with anxiety and their mental health. We've decided to build our guitars this way in order to instill confidence, self belief and transferable skills in all who work with us.

We are looking for people to help build the guitars so please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

The Philosophy

Over the years the musical instrument industry has been partially responsible for the destruction of the world’s rain forests.

Our guitars are made completely from recycled and locally sourced timber; using handmade Bare Knuckle pickups and other top class, responsibly manufactured hardware

The Practice

Finished guitars are either sold to help fund the project, or donated to musical projects that support mental health and wellbeing.

Guitar donations are only made possible because of the generous support of our sponsors

Contact us to see how you can purchase, sponsor or receive a guitar.